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I would like to add support for recognising Qt's signal/slot mechanism to clang by using attributes.Qt's meta-type system also allows for "invokable methods", which can be called/invoked withoutThis is equivalent to how moc (Qt's Meta-Object Compiler) generates the meta-object for a QObject.

Why I dislike Qt signals/slots - elfery Why I dislike Qt signals/slots (Originally posted on Sunday, ... Qt uses a code generator (the Meta-Object Compiler or moc) to implement flexible signals/slots. Classes can mark themselves as moc'able with the Q_OBJECT macro ... Signals and Slots in Depth | C++ GUI Programming with Qt4: Creating Dialogs | InformIT Signals and Slots in Depth. The signals and slots mechanism is fundamental to Qt programming. It enables the application programmer to bind objects together without the objects knowing anything about each other. We have ... Qt for Python Signals and Slots - Qt Wiki

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QProcess – процессы в Qt. QThread – потоки в Qt. Приоритеты потоков в Qt. Обмен сообщениями между потоками.Для отображения значений, высылаемых потоком, мы соединяем сигнал currentValue() со слотом виджета индикатора display(). Signals and Slots - Moc QObject Problem I am trying to use signals and slots within my program. From QT, we know that “all classes that contain signals or slots must mention Q_OBJECT atAs far as I can see, I have a moc file and it is being updated. Would someone please help me with this probelm and let us know how to overcome it. How does Qt implement signals and slots? | Web Design

We somewhat answered it in your other question . Why does Qt use its own make tool, qmake? But to go into somewhat more detail, the MOC parses your file looking for signal/slot declarations (as well as properties and the other supported constructs) and generates intermediate code files based on those.

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The Meta-Object Compiler, moc , is the program that handles Qt's C++ extensions . ... In addition to the signals and slots shown above, moc also implements ...

Remember old X-Window call-back system? Generally it isn't type safe and flexible. There are many problems with them. Qt offer new event-handling system - signal-slot connections. Imagine alarm clock. When alarm is ringing, signal is sending (emitting). And you're handling it as a slot.

Feb 19, 2012 ... Let me quickly summarize Qt signals/slots for completeness. Qt uses a code generator (the Meta-Object Compiler or moc) to implement flexible ... GitHub - woboq/verdigris: Qt without moc: set of macros to use Qt ...