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I am trying to get reserved slots at my server for my admins and myself to allow us to get onto the server and not to have anyone kicked to give an admin a Slot. I have been searching on the web and I found scripts ReserverSlot.sqf that you have to call it fro...

How to make Admins use only Reserved Slots? - TeamSpeak The name of the permission is b_client_use_reserved_slot and it allwos your client or admins to connect, when all normal slots are in use. These reserved slots are more a queue for a normal slot. Such a reserved slot disappears from your client, when a normal slot is available again. RESERVE SLOTS FOR VIP/ADMINS - Bukkit SlotReservation | RESERVE SLOTS FOR VIP/ADMINS 2019-05-12. Simple plugin allowing you to reserve slots for your players. Overview; Version History; Discussion; ... # Slots that are reserved reserved-slots: 1 # Maximum Slots on the server max-slots: 100 # Permission to bypass (Give this to ranks that can use the reserved slot) Reddit server log-on problem... (Slot reserved for admin ... I don't have a reserved slot or anything, and I'm not even using the console. I don't mind waiting for a slot to open when the server is busy, but lately after my wait I've logged in only to be insta-booted with a message saying "slot reserved for admin". Then I have to wait all over again. Strange. In Game Admin with Reserved Slots v1.5.3 - 14 May 2010

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Admin Reserved Slots - Bohemia Interactive Forums Aug 16, 2014 · zeus is easy, in editor place a gamesmaster down, then another synced to it where in the owner you put the uid, thats all, for each zeus you want there are two zeus modules, ie i have 3 people who have zeus, on the editor there are 3 pairs of gamesmaster and zeus entity (sorry for the vagueness, not at home yet) i personally highly recommend ADV_Zeus and Zeus Presets, as a further in depth Reserved Slots | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft Max is the literal max amount of slots you would like to allow for players to use. Reserved is the amount out of the max that you would like to remain as reserved. For example, if your max is 100, and your reserved is 25, 75 users without the bypass permission will be able to join. Only placeholders for the kick message are specified in the config.

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Hi ColColonCleaner, I want to ask for an request option example: (whitelist ping, balance etc.) for an Admin Whitelist. If an Admin does not have a reserved slot and that he is protected from being kicked by a VIP member.

Basically what I want to do is have a unit/player slot restricted to trained/certain members of the server, the normal whitelisting of a specific slot. Then I want to have a second whitelist that says only admins can join the admin slot, that way we can always have an admin on if needed. How to install Reserved Slot system for vip and admins ... as the topic says , is it possible for epoch? atm? if so how :) ty in advance Hide Reserved Slot | Counter-Strike: Source Forum Threads How to hide reserved slot for admins? Hi, Does someone know if there's any way to hide the reserved slot for admins, so players can use auto-retry and don't be kicked after loading. Example: I have a 24 slots server, and 2 admin reserved slots. Reserved Slots - TeamSpeak In my proposal the reserved slot users would use the reserved slots first and only fall back to normal slots if all reserved slots are in use, thus the chance of efficently using all available slots is much higher.