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Because of my Online Poker is Rigged parody post as well as the many posts I've done on why online poker is not rigged I get a lot of heat from rigtards.

Since the birth of poker on the internet, allegations have been widespread that “online poker is rigged”. Such accusations generally come from poor poker players, or those with insufficient experience to grasp the concept of variance.But yes, history has shown poker sites have rigged sites in almost every way imaginable. Is online poker rigged? Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams ... It’s perhaps the biggest and longest-running conspiracy theory in the poker world – the claim that the online game is rigged! However, as micro-stakes crusher and best-selling poker author Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams investigates, it’s a theory that belongs in the dark ages of the internet poker game. Is PokerStars 'ZOOM' rigged? - Quora

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I don't think online poker is rigged at all but I have concerns about not exactly being rigged but something off about the RNG system they use. Now I have won more than lost on the site but I never seen so many strong hands than on that site. Is Online Poker Safe Or Rigged? -™ Guide Bad Beats. Many online poker experts have investigated long and hard to discover any possible fraudulent activity. The theory suggests that there are more bad beats online and therefore the game is rigged. In reality, there are exponentially more games being played at one time online than in any live casino.

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Online poker is rigged... - Bad Beats - PocketFives saying online poker is rigged is like saying friday the 13th is unlucky cause you broke your arm on friday the 13th. Imagine how many people broke their arm on friday the 12th but never said anything about it being lucky or not. Moral of the story is you only remember the times that it HAPPENS and never the times it doesnt happen. Is Online Poker Rigged for Action? | The Definitive Answer ... Until a reputable source shows definitive proof that an online poker site is rigging the games somehow, I will call B.S. on anyone who claims they are a victim of it. What About All Those Times It “Felt” Rigged. To me, live poker sometimes feels rigged. The thing you have to keep in mind that no hand is ever really that far ahead most of ... Casino VS Pokies | Is Online Poker Rigged? - Here Are the ... In order to get a sample size of 1000 instances of pocket AA for instance, you would only need to play 220,000 hands of poker. You get dealt pocket AA 1 out of every 220 hands. 220 x 1000 = 220,000. Now this might sound like a lot, but for anyone who plays online poker seriously and multi-tables this is not really that many hands. Poker - Is online poker rigged -

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This one is a bit of an online / offline hybrid and would involve taking a serious amount of Crystal Meth, Opiates and washing them down with a bottle of Jack Daniels. An Introduction to Online Poker Tracking Software | Pokerology

Aug 17, 2012 ... The trick was that the deals were fixed, with some players getting better cards than others. ... Fiedler and Wilcke, however, analyzed a large database of online poker games and found that, while playing about 1000 hands of poker .... anything close to anything vaguely similar to a usable / valid sample size.

Two Plus Two Poker Forums - Is PokerStars rigged? If tomorrow you posted a large random sample of hands, of course my first thought would be skepticism but I wouldn't be able to talk smack until I actually analyzed it. I'd be curious enough to do so (but first I'd wait a little for someone else to since I'm lazy). Casino VS Pokies | Is Online Poker Rigged? - Here Are the ... The Case Against Online Poker Being Rigged. The evidence for online poker not being rigged is far, far stronger. And the reason why is because once again, you can just go check it for yourself! Most poker sites these days will allow you to download your hand histories as you play.